Living like a student in Switzerland


Bloody Zurich – just so darn beautiful. Every angle is a Kodak moment. The only downside to this gorgeous city is that everything is so ridiculously expensive. I pretty much lived off a diet of 45c chocolate and 60c beer from the local supermarket (bless you, Coop).

I also had a friend who was living in Zurich so spent about four days bunking in a student house and it was such an incredible experience – I really I wish I did exchange during university now. But in saying that if I didn’t know anybody in Zurich, it was hard to know where to go and what to see. The city itself is quite small, but, again, very expensive. It’s quaint and quite chilled but I wouldn’t stay longer than a few days because you would run out of things to do and/or money!

Luckily you can do a lot of things relatively cheaply (sometimes even for free). I recommend visiting Grossmünster and having a picnic at Chinagarten.

IMG_5673IMG_5692Unlike Barcelona, I ate in most nights, cooking with the other international students. The only time I indulged was on a public holiday and all the stores were close! Luckily we found a kebab. For 7 francs … Ridiculous. I couldn’t even afford McDonalds in Switzerland.

Its public transport system, like everyone else in Europe, is spectacular and very easy to get around on. If you’re ever here I recommend buying some chocolate (we splurged at Sprüngli on the last day), find a nice picnic spot and breathe in the sublime views. (If I was really, really rich, I would totally live here. But alas … #peasantlife.)


If you’re after a day trip, Lucerne is approximately 40 minutes by train from Zurich, and, to noone’s surprise, is just gorgeous. It has a slightly more village-y feel to it than Zurich. If you’re ever there on a Saturday or Tuesday morning be sure to check out the farmers’ markets – fresh cheeses, fruits and flowers galore.

I would’ve loved to have climbed up Mount Pilatus, but alas I’m going to have to save that for next time. I did however walk across the Chapel Bridge (photo above), visit the Dying Lion of Lucerne Monument (which was devastatingly beautiful) and (of course) have a picnic by the idyllic landscape.