What to do in Edinburgh: a guide

Oh Edinburgh, you’re so goddamn beautiful.  Just look at all that luscious green grass! You’re ridiculous.

Despite being a part of the United Kingdom, the weather in Scotland was just perfect. I barely wore a jacket on most days; the breeze was nice and cool, but not chilly, there was ample sunshine, but not plentiful that you would burn.


I probably overstayed my stay in Edinburgh – I was there for about four days, but three would have been sufficient. I do wish that I did a day trip out to Loch Ness or somewhere rather, but alas my friends and I are a disorganised bunch.

What we did manage to do though: shop up a storm (there’s a surprisingly great selection of shops where your money can be dropped eg Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Boots (!!!), Primark, etc.), visit Edinburgh Castle, climb Arthur’s Seat and eat some haggis (which I oddly really liked).


The hike up Arthur’s Seat was arduous and tiring but oh-so-worth-it. Definitely wear something short and breathable and extremely comfortable footwear.

Another highlight was visiting The Elephant Housewhich was where JK Rowling wrote the first few Harry Potter books. They don’t shy away from that fact either with the place littered with Harry Potter references and the bathroom graffiti-ed in every nook and cranny. Their pastries aren’t half-bad either. I’m sure Harry would “take the lot”.