Buying Chanel in Paris

Apologies in advance for the shameless gloating.

But I really, really love these earrings.


When I knew that I was going to Paris, I knew that I had to visit the flagship store; Coco Chanel’s apartment. Like how I decided that I was to eat well on this trip, I knew that I wanted to buy something of significance, something memorable. Something iconic (to me) from an iconic store. And what’s more iconic to Paris than the Chanel store at 31 Rue Cambon?

I initially wanted to get a bag, specifically a Wallet on Chain, but I decided against that. If I am to get a bag, I wanted to get one at a milestone and one much fancier (apologies again) than a WoC. So I’m saving to get one for my 30th.

But these earrings.

Edgier than your typical CC studs, and the last one left at the store. They had to be mine.


Assembly is potentially my new favourite label

I’m in love with Assembly Label.

I’d been eyeing them for a few months for their affordable prices and simple designs; good quality basics. Pretty much like bassike but much more relatable.

I caved and ordered three pieces (the fishermans grey knit, the navy light high knit and the save stripe l/s tee) when The Iconic was on sale and boy was that a good decision. I wore them so often and they complemented my existing wardrobe so well.

Then came the warehouse sale today and the heavy rain (please go away).

I ventured out to their warehouse in Beaconsfield and came back with all this for $120 including THIS COAT! Obviously it’s in navy, not grey. It’s so structured and flattering (and well-priced!). I’m in love.