I’m trying to wear more jewellery

And I’m really enjoying it.

First it started off with earrings (and let’s be honest, it’ll probably end with earrings). I just find it so much easier to chuck on (?) a pair of earrings than try to type on a keyboard all day with a stack of rings or to match a neckline to a necklace.

Earrings also, I feel, just complete an outfit. Gotta take an outfit to day to night? Add on or change your earrings. Done! The Replica Spiral Hoops are my current favourite as they just go with everything and they’re not exactly classic, but edgy.


Also pictured above: the ASOS drop pearl earrings, & Other Stories Dangling Earrings.

Besides these “featured earrings”, which are on high rotation, there’s an assortment of earrings from the high street including ASOS (I like to stock up on a variation of gold earrings whenever they go on sale!), H&M and Lovisa (they have excellent costume jewellery).


And something else I’m really loving: the Reliquia Mini Coin Necklace. (I also have my eyes on the Zodiac range!)

It’s been ages since I’ve worn a necklace (the last kind being of the chunky nature – they were all the rage in 2011). And I never thought dainty necklaces would suit me but here we are.

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