What I think of Fenty Beauty

Spoiler alert: it’s pretty fucking great.

I held back and only,¬†only¬†got four products: three of the Match Stix (I don’t know what the plural is?) and the Gloss Bomb. (It’s part of my new thing to be a minimalist – ha.)

So let’s start with the Gloss Bomb.



I’m not usually a gloss kind of girl – I hate how your hair sticks to your lips when it gets windy; I always thought it looked quite cheap/immature; and that it never really suited me.

Well let me eat my words.

This is gorgeous. It’s thick and lush and has the most flattering tint. It can be worn by itself or on top of lipsticks (or liquid lipsticks like I like to – the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II to be precise).

It also smells delicious. Again, a lot of lipstick scents tend to either fall into the “too powdery” basket or the “overtly sweet” one. This packs a peachy punch.


Just look at the way these stix snap together! Magnets – science is incredible, huh?

Obviously I had to get three because could you imagine two stix getting this effect? Nope.

So I got the Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Sand, the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Trippin and Yacht Life.

I love using the concealer skinstick as a foundation actually. I don’t like to wear too much day-to-day so just a few swipes of this and a bit of blending in and I’m good to go. I think it gives a decent amount of coverage and is quite matte on my oily skin. It does need to be buffed in a bit though – a denser brush works better IMO. I believe there are actually 20 shades of the Match Stix Matte Skinstick (absolutely insane! Though her foundation range actually has more shades if that even is possible). So you can use this, like I do as a foundation, as it’s intended as a concealer, or, you can actually use a shade lighter as a highlighter and a darker shade as a contour. Multi-purpose!

There were so many Shimmer Skinsticks to pick from and I finally settled with these two because I think that I’d use these two colours the most and that I don’t have anything like this in my current collection. They can both be worn as highlighters, blushes and/or eyeshadows (it’s slightly a bit thick to apply straight from the stick as eyeshadow but fingers work fine).

Can’t wait to try more of the range! RIP my money.

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