Buying Chanel in Paris

Apologies in advance for the shameless gloating.

But I really, really love these earrings.


When I knew that I was going to Paris, I knew that I had to visit the flagship store; Coco Chanel’s apartment. Like how I decided that I was to eat well on this trip, I knew that I wanted to buy something of significance, something memorable. Something iconic (to me) from an iconic store. And what’s more iconic to Paris than the Chanel store at 31 Rue Cambon?

I initially wanted to get a bag, specifically a Wallet on Chain, but I decided against that. If I am to get a bag, I wanted to get one at a milestone and one much fancier (apologies again) than a WoC. So I’m saving to get one for my 30th.

But these earrings.

Edgier than your typical CC studs, and the last one left at the store. They had to be mine.

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