Gypsy Water

I wanted to treat myself and it was either this, Byredo Gypsy Water or Diptyque’s Eau Duelle.

I ended up getting this because it was a little bit stronger and a little bit more original. The other was beautiful, sure, with a fragrant vanilla, but somewhat more common than Gypsy Water.

Plus, just look at that packaging. I’ve really had my eye on it for ages, spraying some on me every time I passed a Mecca and I think I only considered the Eau Duelle to psych myself out (I don’t know, is that a thing?).

I’d describe Gypsy Water as a fresh spice that gets softer as the day progresses. Here are the actual notes from the technical people at Byredo:

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Pepper, Juniper Berries
Mid: Incense, Pine Needles, Orris
Base: Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Oh and now I’ve added Frédéric Malle’s Portrait of a Lady to the to-buy list. SO good!


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