Catching a little sun on Hamilton Island

IMG_9676  IMG_9684Apologies – I’ve been a bit slow at updating these photos, but I’m sure you’re already sick of seeing them all over Instagram. Another quality break thanks to Jetstar and their regular sales. We stayed at my boyfriend’s sister’s place and honestly had the best time.

A buggy all to ourself and an island to explore, we started to fall into a routine by the third day: wake up, drive to a watering hole, have a cocktail for breakfast, lounge in the sun. Sleep and repeat.

The food on the island is expensive and pretty bland to be honest, but let’s be honest, you don’t go to Hamilton Island for the food. No it’s for the massages and the swim-up bars and the crystal blue sea.

Some lookout spots I do recommend are One Tree Hill (we saw a beautiful sunset here the first night) and the top of Passage Peak – but be warned, it can get very, very sweaty.


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