Tasmania: Away from the mainland

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Wow, Tasmania is one beautiful state. Definitely more green and more lush than NSW, that’s for sure. I’ve made it my mission for a while now to visit as many Australian capital cities as I can (though struggling to come up with a reason to go to Perth).

But Hobart itself is a little eh. I mean it’s great if you’re there for a weekend, but any more days and you’re out of activities to do. I wanted to go around Christmas time specifically to get a glimpse of this terribly awesome Christmas tree at Salamanca square. It cost $35,000 and was billed as “modern” and “trendy”. Don’t think I’d use those words … “random” is more like it.

Though to say I didn’t enjoy my time in Tassie isn’t entirely correct. I loved the ferry ride to MONA. And the museum itself was original and again, random. This state really has a knack for randomness. The vagina soaps, the poo room … strange … but interesting.

The seafood was also amazing. We ate at the Drunken Admiral, which I highly recommend. The oysters are A+. For breakfast, you can’t go past Pigeon Hole – they specialise in baked eggs. They’re phenomenal. I had the baked eggs special (they have other variants on their normal menu but this was a special concoction). It had chilli, it had spice and the eggs were perfectly gooey. Again, five stars.

We stayed at the Mantra Collins, which was a pretty central location. It was easy to walk everywhere – to the wharf, to cafes, to dinner. But then again the city is so small that I think you can pretty much walk anywhere if you’re determined enough.


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