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Last week I visited Chantal and the lovely people at Synergy Hair & Beauty in Pyrmont for a cut and colour. In terms of cut I knew I just wanted a trim and more layers to lighten my thick locks and give it a bit more movement. And in terms of colour? No idea.

I had spent the day earlier discussing options with a friend: highlights? Light brown? Balayage? Tint? No idea. I resolved that the salon would know best and I’d just do what they told me.

And so I did.

After being served a glass of red (it was a Friday so that’s totally acceptable!) and some nibbles, I perused through Synergy’s Pinterest page via the convenient iPad mini in front on me (and on each of the stations). Organised by different lengths, colours and hairstyles, I found myself flicking back and forth between “brunettes” and “balayage/ombre”. Of course. These were the only realistic options.

synergy1I knew I wanted a change but at the same time I was quite satisfied with my colour (besides all the sprouting greys) – isn’t that always the way? Afraid of change, but wanting change.

Chantal, the salon’s owner and head hairdresser, is an angel. A knowledgable one too at that. She talked me through the pros and cons of each option and what steps would be taken to reach that shade and to maintain it. She talked of proteins and keratin and Olaplex, which then led to Kimmy K’s platinum blonde locks.

In the end we decided to go for a balayage with a tint for my roots with some Olaplex in between to minimalise breakage. Olaplex, by the way, “reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair”. I found the consultation process super helpful. Chantal talked me through my hair type (dry), how likely my hair would hold colour, and realistically what would work.

synergy3synergy4The entire process took about five hours. But I had so much fun I didn’t even notice.

Everyone at the salon was so friendly and attentive. Because everyone fits in such a small space and the salon is still quite young, nine months to be precise, the vibe so fun that it felt more like spending a couple of hours with new friends rather than a beauty chore. Though the salon is quite cosy it still manages to fit three basins and more than 10 hairdressing stations.

synergy2In between rinses and foil inspections, I received so many hair tips from Chantal, whose bright orange hair mirrors her fiery knowledge on the subject. For example, I now know that after applying a mask I should use a conditioner to seal it in. I know that when I’m super lazy sleeping with a coconut oil mask is a great way to lock in moisture overnight. That when I look for a shampoo I should be on the lookout for the words “normal” and “coloured” as these won’t strip my hair of moisture.

In fact after I got my colour done she gave me more tips on how to manage my hair post-shower; to use a protein spray and cream to define my waves. I still have her many slips of paper, with these notes so carefully jotted down on, scattered around my bathroom. I read and revise them before applying each product, just to make sure I’m doing it right. She really knows her stuff. I haven’t had a knot in seven days.

synergy5synergy6You can rightly assume that I’m so impressed and happy with the service I received, as well as the final result. My hair has been super manageable this past week and the colour oh-so summer appropriate.

Synergy Hair & BeautySuite 96, 1-5 Harwood St, Pyrmont


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