Luxola x Benefit

Benefit_cosmetics_makeupBenefit Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Kit (c/o Luxola), Benefit Roller Lash, Benefit BADgal Lash, Benefit Boi-ing, Benefit BADgal Liner Waterproof, Benefit Gimme Brow

Hooray! You can now buy Benefit products exclusively on Benefit’s without a doubt one of my all-time favourite brands. Their super fun packaging and super effective products have won me over.

The Roller Lash is my everyday mascara. Hands down one of the most low-key mascaras to use. I say that because there’s no need to curl your eyelashes beforehand (gasp!) – it’s true. The way the wand is designed picks up and curls your lashes as it coats them. I must admit it can smudge so I try to avoid this by wiping a little bit of product off before applying.

When the sun goes down, I prefer to use BADgal mascara and eyeliner for a different look. All that smoke and volume – phew! Perfect for date nights. Plus they’re both smudge proof so that’s an added bonus. I still remember first buying this mascara when I heard that it was Rachel Bilson’s favourite in Girlfriend Magazine. Yep. That’s a fact.

If you have scarring like I do or are prone to the occasional hormonal spot, Boi-ing works a treat. It’s thick and waxy super long-lasting. The only thing that annoys me is that it’s in a pot but I fix that by using a concealer brush to apply.

Gimme Brow‘s another handy one. I use this in the morning, on the bus, in the office … it’s so tiny and compact and easy to control and use. You can use it by itself to add a slight tint or after doing your brows to set them. On lazy days I like to use it by itself. It may not look like much but a little goes a long way.

And now … the Sugarlicious kit! Aptly named – just look at all those sweet features: Benetint, Sugarbomb, High Beam, Ultra Plush Sugarbomb + a mini brush. It makes for a great travel kit as this is all you probably need besides a light base. I particularly love the Benetint which is perfect for that natural flush both on your cheeks and lips.

It’s free to ship from Luxola if you spend $55 AUD or more and generally takes about 2-10 business days to arrive. Fantastic if you’re a massive couch potato/online shopper like I am!


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