Mane routine

IMG_8350You know a product’s good when you can’t wait to use it again. I try to wash my hair every 2-3 days but I’m so loving my current shampoo/conditioner that it’s tempting me to break that cycle (but I won’t, don’t worry – shouldn’t strip my hair of its natural oils!).

I’m currently using TIGI’s S-factor True Lasting Colour range and I still have some product left after two months of use which is surprising considering they’re only 250mL. But again, I only use the products 3-4 times a week.

One of the main reasons why I rate this product is its fragrance. It’s familiar yet wildly different from anything else I’d use before. It smells more like a body wash than a shampoo if you know what I mean. Tropical fruit top notes, floral middle notes and a base of vanilla musk and gourmand – doesn’t that just make you a little bit happy?

The True Lasting Colour duo is meant to leave your hair with a “surreal shimmer”. I’m not sure if my locks “shimmer” but they’re noticeably glossier and my colour is a lot more vibrant and that’s good enough with me.

The consistency of the shampoo is a little strange – it’s a lot more gloopy than usual. By that I mean when you squeeze it out of the bottle, it doesn’t ooze out but rather squirts in blobs. No matter, it still lathers as per usual. The conditioner is fantastic and I like to rotate it with whatever hair mask is currently in the shower, which happens to be Kérastase Discipline Maskeratine. 

The mask works a charm but it’s not significantly better than any other hair mask I’ve tried that it’s worth the hefty price tag. Marks from Garnier or L’Oreal work just as well.

Post-wash a hair serum or oil is always applied from mid-length to tip. My hair is super thick and can get quite frizzy so I find this step really helps to manage it and keep it from looking a la Monica Geller in Barbados. I’ve been using L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for what has to be at least six months now and I’ve still got about a quarter left to go. It smells great and a pump or two does the job. Another one I like to use is O&M Frizz Logic Shine Serum which smells like a tropical paradise.

Usually that’s it for my hair. The first and second days are super low-key and low-maintenance.

And then comes the third day. A bit of grease, a bit of frizz, a lot of knots. I don’t like brushing my hair because I like to rock the casual ‘just got out of bed’ ‘do but there comes a time when I’ve got more knots than a sailor. I’ve found that the only brush that cooperates with my thick hair is the Tangle Teezer. No mess, no fuss. I use bhave fresh ends to tame some of the frizz and add some moisture back into the tips – none for the roots though, they’re already oily enough. If anything they get a spritz of dry shampoo, usually one from Batiste.


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