Fake tanning for the first time

IMG_8346I’ve always been intrigued by fake tan but, at the same time, also quite afraid of it. What if it goes wrong? What if I go orange, streaky, patchy? I’ve read some horror stories that’s for sure.

Because I’m naturally quite dark, I never thought of fake tan as a product for me. I was content. I didn’t think it’d make much of a difference. I didn’t think my skin could get any darker. And then I travelled to Europe and came home with that holiday glow; bronzed and fabulous. I wanted to prolong that tan for as long as possible, but I just didn’t trust myself with the vast range of bronzing mousses, gels and creams on offer.

So when I got the opportunity to interrogate ask Jennifer Hawkins a few questions about her range, Jbronze, and tanning in general, I was stoked – maybe I won’t look like an Oompa Loompa.

It’s now been almost 24 hours since I had my very first interaction with fake tan. Congratulations, self!

I used Jbronze’s Dark Tanning Mousse in conjunction with the Luxe Application Mitt. Easy peasy!

“Be present when applying Jbronze. Remember where you’ve applied the tan so you don’t miss limbs and you can blend properly. You’ll feel amazing with a Jbronze glow,” says Jen.

Oh, don’t you worry. I was so present. I applied the mousse so slowly and was careful to build up my application because I was so afraid of going too dark. But so far, so good. Though, I have to admit, I may have missed a bit around my wrists so it’s a little paler there but otherwise I think I did okay.

The tanning mousse smelt like coconuts and was super lightweight, super velvety (that was probably the mitt too). It was very easy to blend and a pump goes a long way. I think I used like two pumps per leg. (Correct me if I’m not using enough!)

The fake tan dried a lot quicker than I thought to. I thought it’d take hours! And that I’d stain my clothes or bedsheets in the process. But all is well.

Overall I’m quite happy with the result! My skin has a bronze glow to it and it’s not noticeably that much darker. Now that I’ve pushed through the barrier, next time I might apply an extra coat or two.

Here’s Jen’s top three tips for a beginner self-tanner:

  1. Hydrate your skin. Drinking lots of water is key to a longer lasting tan. Moisturise between tans and don’t use oil as it will strip your tan.
  2. Start with a lighter colour and you can build the intensity, when in doubt less is more. You could start with our medium tanning mousse, or apply our instant tanning cream. If your skin is a little darker, try one or two coats of Jbronze Dark Tanning Mousse or cream.
  3. Start with a fresh canvas. Exfoliation is key when it comes to an even tan.



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