What to do when you’re in Boston (which is kind of like Melbourne in a way)

I didn’t take any photos on my DSLR during my time in Boston – oopsies. But that’s mainly because there is so much going on in the city, so much history, I didn’t even know where to start. So I just decided to take whatever I could on my phone and take each sight as it comes. Did you know Boston, Massachusetts (gee that’s a hard word to spell!), is one of America’s oldest cities and the home of several key events in the American Revolution? Like I said in my DC post: I know nothing of American history. So discovering all this was just fascinating.

Also like in DC, we stayed at the Hostel International, which is centrally located in Chinatown. It’s a bit funkier and modern than its Washington counterpart. There are more rooms and instead of communal showers there’s individual bathrooms – about 15 per floor. The hostel held a number of tours and pub crawls which was super helpful. As I said Boston is home to a lot of American history and one of Boston’s top tourist attractions, the Freedom Trail, is a great way to learn about it. A red brick road carved into the pavements of Boston and passes through about 16 significant sights, from Boston Common to Paul Revere House. You can actually do this as a part of a walking tour and I highly recommend it. There’s two options: north to south and south to north, so 50-50. You can choose to do both or finish the second half of the tour by yourself. The great part about the tour is that the guide is dressed in contemporary costume – whether as a loyalist or a patriot. It’s fantastic. They’re super knowledgable and make the experience very fun. We decided to do the second half of the tour by ourselves, resorting to the Internet every time we approached the next sight and it just wasn’t the same.

The tour that I did ended at Fanueil Hall, where the delicious Quincy Market is located. Everything from cobbler to Mac ‘n Cheese to fancy apple toffee, it’s a great place to grab lunch and I believe it’s open every day.

Of course when you’re in Boston I’d recommend checking out Harvard University (which is actually pretty underwhelming) and MIT. I left with more collegiate souvenirs than I had anticipated but whatevs. While in the area I’d highly recommend grabbing lunch at Alden and Harlow – the menu is fantastic with an emphasis on pork. It’s relatively cheap with mains going for $10-$20 and you should also definitely order the cold brew.

And while we’re on the topic of food, here are my other food recommendations for whenever you’re in Boston, sister city to Melbourne:

  • Sam La Grassa’s (44 Province St)
  • Pho Pasteur (682 Washington St)
  • The Salty Pig (130 Dartmouth St)
  • Abby Lane (253 Tremont St)

If you’re hoping to fit in a lot of shopping while you’re here the best bet would be Newbury St which is home to all your typical high street shops and boutiques.

Generally there’s not a lot of nightlife to Boston – it feels very suburban. If you’re looking to head out to a club or bar you need to bring your passport because a driver’s license just won’t cut it. There are a lot of comedy shows though so you best check what’s on before you head out.

Other highlights of the trip include the Fenway Park tour. I don’t know a whole lot about baseball (damn am I Jon Snow or do I just not know anything), but found it very interesting. We somehow booked just when the Red Socks were playing their away games.

I’d probably recommend about four days to do Boston. It’s probably nicer if you’re a bit older but tbh there’s not a whole of things to do.

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