American beauty haul

IMG_7979Surprisingly I didn’t buy a whole lot when I was over in the States (though it sure seemed like it at the time!). I “researched” quite a bit before we flew out and by that I mean watch a ton of Youtube videos of Sephora hauls. I love it – and still do it. Whatevs.

I pretty much narrowed down my list to:

  1. Products I needed to stock up on and were cheaper in America
  2. Products currently unavailable in Australia
  3. Products that I’ve always wanted to try out but were too expensive in Australia

I probably frequented Sephora at least 10 times during my five-week holiday. It’s insane over there. It’s like my very own colourful, fragrant Disneyland.

As you can see in the pic also I only ended up with one Mac lipstick which is crazy since they’re so incredibly cheap in the States – $16! Such a bargain compared to whatever we have here. But alas I already own Lady Danger and Russian Red so there weren’t many other colours I really fancied. I ended up with Retro which is this really cool nude-brown-red. Very 90s.



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