Hourglass: My new love

IMG_7187After weeks and weeks of lusting after these Hourglass products, I finally caved. And it was so worth it. (For my face anyway – not so much my bank account.)

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time watching YouTube reviews and tutorials and these bad boys kept popping up. I was only meant to have a browse when I walked into Mecca, but, like any “browse”, I ended up walking away with the Hourglass Ambient Powder Wardrobe and the Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion. And I’ve been using them both on a daily basis ever since.Both products are such good everyday products because of how fine the powder is – it’s very buildable and non-cakey – and because of how wearable the colours are.

The Ambient Powder Wardrobe is an absolute must if you like the look of amazing skin (i.e. everybody #nofilter). The Wardrobe is made up of three different ‘lights’: Dim Light, Radiant Light and Incadescent Light.

I use Dim Light most days after I set my foundation to give it that extra glow. It makes it look like I’ve had 10 hours of sleep when in fact I’ve only had four because I stayed up late watching Game of Thrones.

Radiant Light is suitable if you want a soft sun-kissed look. Generally I use it to just add that extra oomph and warmth to my cheeks and forehead. Again, super blendable and buildable. It’s a good one to use when you’re after a quick make-up look; just a bit of this, some mascara and a lip tint and I’m good to go.

And last but not least, Incadescent Light. A pearlescent powder that can be used to highlight certain parts of your face, e.g. cheekbones, brow bone, corners of your eye.

IMG_7186I’m much more of a blush gal than a bronzer gal, mainly because I do find that I have darker skin all year round and usually don’t need the help of bronzer (though, again, I do like a touch of Radiant Light here and there).

When it comes to rouge, I much prefer a peach, peach-pink shade, rather than a full on pink one. I find it suits my skin tone much better, isn’t as girly and goes better with a red lip (which I usually sport). The Ambient Lighting Blush has the right amount of pigment vs powder and gives that effortless natural flush. It doesn’t look like it’s sitting on top of your skin, but rather a part of it because of it’s super blendable and buildable colour.


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