The only shoes you’ll ever need

IMG_7111Like with my wardrobe, I’m trying to be fairly minimalistic with my shoe collection too. Black everything, of course. A little leopard and tan here and there, but otherwise it’s pretty basic.

These are some of my favourite (black) shoes – always on high rotation.

My patent leather Porselli flats add a little bit of Parisian chic to a look. Stripes + black skinnies + Porselli = voila! They’re probably the comfiest flats I’ve ever own. The brand is well known for its fine craftsmanship and thus fits like a glove.

The Marc lace-up wedges are so comfortable, yet the height makes me look a little bit more polished. It’s a frequent companion to my work outfits. I like that they’re not so “serious”, if that makes any sense. The lace, suede and leather makes it a little bit of fun.

Birkenstocks. Comfort personified.

My Nike Max Theas are a new addition to the family but I really like to wear them when I’m off-duty, i.e. on weekends. They’re so comfy and give great support – plus they look pretty cool too. I like to wear them when I walk to the markets or just around my normal neighbourhood like a real inner-westie.

These COS boots are so special to me. I bought them when I was last in Europe and every time I wear them it reminds me of the wonderful time I had. Plus they’re a pretty good option for when it rains cat and dogs in Sydney (which is all the time, apparently).


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