Some kind of progress

IMG_7103So this is a snippet of what my open wardrobe currently looks like. That’s some kind of progress, right? As you can see my style pretty much revolves around denim, navy, white, grey, black and stripes. It suits my aesthetic and the colours and pattern complement one another. That way, if I’m ever in a rush – which seems to be every morning – I don’t have to waste too much time thinking about what to wear because everything will certainly match.

I’ve actually sold/donated/given away enough of my clothes that I now have less items of clothing than my boyfriend. I know right? Hard to believe but it’s true.

I’m heading to NYC in just over a month (eeeeep – exciting!) so no doubt much damage will be done there. But I will, hopefully, try to refrain myself from buying too many unnecessary pieces that’ll just end up at my next Glebe market stall. Classics and staples first and then we’ll deal with the trends.



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