Easy as A.P.C.

IMG_6955Besides cleaning out the piles of unnecessary clothes in my wardrobe, I’m also adding a few quality classic pieces to it. I figure the extra expense is worth it because they’re going to be a staple and I’m going to wear them all the time, every day. The cost-per-wear theory. Something my boyfriend refuses to understand because he is a boy.

But don’t worry. I’m pretty sure I’m right. Invest in good pieces, take care of them and they will last the ages.

I bought these APC wedges mainly because I wanted a sort of everyday heel that wasn’t actually a heel. I’m the world’s biggest clutz and biggest advocate for comfort so I needed something that both looked good and wouldn’t have me screaming for mercy after 50m. I actually wear my Birkenstocks everywhere (even to work) because it’s like walking on air. But I thought it’s probably time to upgrade and get a bit dressier.

The dark brown leather and wide straps are quite timeless and match almost everything in my wardrobe. They fit like a glove (for your feet). In love, j’adore.

Now to try and convince my boyfriend an YSL bag is a necessary purchase.



2 thoughts on “Easy as A.P.C.

  1. We always need to keep our wardrobe collection up-to-date and should avoid all the unnecessary things. In this blog several important ideas are shared about how to keep our wardrobe clean and fit. Also like the pair of shoes you showed here. Amazing helpful blog. Thank you very much Moulin for sharing this kind of informative and interesting blog with us.

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