Cleaning out my closet

IMG_6960After having shed many tears, I did it. I said goodbye to some old and very dear friends, including Zara. Though to be perfectly honest there’s a whole lot more to be done. What you see in the above picture isn’t an accurate representation of what my wardrobe looks like.

Composition, yes. Numerically? No.

As predicted the majority of my wardrobe comprises of denim, stripes, white, grey and black. No biggie.

But I own quite a large number of these items. Probably at least four pieces in each pattern and colour. And don’t even get me started on how many items of black clothing I own. Way. Too. Many.

Since moving out I’ve become more aware of what I actually wear on a regular basis based on how many times I’ve had to wash my striped tees and black skinny jeans from J Brand.

Sure I have another whole tub of clothes to unpack, but give it a few more months and I think I can really narrow my entire wardrobe down to 20, nay, 30 pieces. Because let’s be fair.



3 thoughts on “Cleaning out my closet

  1. Totally down on this new mindset too. Been slowly chucking away something every month now and feeling so much better for it! The most time consuming part is the ebay listing for those things i’ve never worn!

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