The Great Ocean Road

IMG_6817IMG_6896IMG_6865I’ve been to Victoria plenty of times before, but never have I ventured out of Melbourne (which is pretty silly).

This time I decided to see what is left of the Twelve Apostles and what else the southern state had to offer besides four seasons in one day. The result? Four seasons in one day and a breathtaking view.

IMG_6853IMG_6902IMG_6889Sitting on a tour bus isn’t the most exciting thing but the drive itself wasn’t too long and my boyfriend and I spent the time devouring episodes of Serial. Heck – we spent most of our trip listening to the podcast. But anyway, I digress.

We booked a tour which cost $99 per person and included pick up and drop off from Melbourne CB and lunch (and some weird, brief walk through bushland). A bargain if you ask me.

Though once at the site you only get about an hour, hour and a half to take in the view. But there’s quite a number of cliffs and beaches surrounding the (four?) apostles that offer different views and angles. There’s a series of sandstone stairs leading down to a beach that I particularly hate. Steepest. Climb. Ever.

The apostles themselves are extraordinary and worth seeing if you get a chance. Who knows – there may be none left in a few years. Plus it’s always nice to get out of the city. (Besides eating, there’s not a whole lot of things to do in Melbourne.)



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