Why did I think it was a smart idea to camp at Uluru?


Every time I think about my trip to Uluru I get hot flushes. Memories of 46 degree days and puddles of sweat come flooding back. Constantly having to reapply sunscreen and insect repellant and trying to figure out what to do between 11am and dinner because it’s too hot to move.

But then I remember the beautiful outback, sunrises and sunsets and remember that it’s all worth it.


My friend Nicole and I decided that camping would be the best option in Uluru. And it really is unless you’re rolling in cash. Uluru happens to be one of the world’s most expensive cities to visit due to its limited resources and the amount of money it costs to get things to the red centre.

When you land at Ayers Rock Airport, you drive 10 minutes and then you reach Ayers Rock Resort. This is where you’ll find civilisation. A supermarket, post office and plenty of overpriced restaurants. Unless you’ve budgeted and planned your dining habits for the time you’re in Uluru, chances are you’ll be eating at least three times at one of these restaurants. My tip? Plan your meals.

It’s also better to do all the activities as early as possible. Sunrise is usually around 5am and sunset at 7pm. I suggest doing all the tracks (I recommend the guided Mala Walk and Uluru Base Walk) before 11am. Most climbing activities get closed if the temperature reaches over 36 degrees.

Camel rides are super fun and you can do them at either sunrise or sunset. The meeting point is just a few kilometres away from the main resort area. The camels are quite well behaved and the ride extremely enjoyable and fun!


Uluru is such a beautiful place and I’m so glad I got the chance to see it. I just wish I didn’t pick the middle of November to go – winter probably would’ve been a more sane choice. But nonetheless I definitely recommend it. Two or three days would be suffice to explore and appreciate the beauty of Ayers Rock.


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