English Pear

IMG_6244I bought my first bottle of Jo Malone when I was in London last year. I had wanted to buy one for a long time before then, but thought that since I was going to its city of origin – what better place to get it than Selfridges on Oxford Street?

A bottle of English Pear & Freesia (how apt) was the only form of fragrance I had with me for an entire five weeks of travelling around Europe (well besides my deodorant). It was a refreshing scent yet subtly sweet and fruity. A great everyday scent that’s not too overpowering. I was in love.

Every time I used it when I got back to Australia reminded me of the amazing times had in Europe. It’s amazing how a scent can transport you to another place.

So naturally when I flew back over a few months ago, I had to stock up. I could’ve gone to my local David Jones and bought it there but now when I look upon this bottle, I’ll think of eating pastries by the Seine and walking through the ruins of Rome.

And when I run out … well, that just means another trip is in order.


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