Bare Necessities


Maison Scotch bra, Gorjana necklace, necklace from Barcelona, Grown Alchemist hand cream

I’ve spent the last two days lounging around reading, chilling and reading. (The above items are essential to relaxation – errybody needs lace and fragrant hand cream – plus the underwear set was on sale on Shopbop for $18!) I’ve tried my best to avoid Twitter and the news cycle, but you know me, that’s pretty much impossible.

I’m currently reading The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory (who is pretty much my favourite author – I’m a little bit of a War of the Roses nut). I just couldn’t take 12 Years A Slave anymore – it got too brutal. Though now that I’ve seen the film (review up soon), it’ll make getting through it a little bit easier.

My first week of leave is almost over – time really flies when all you do is eat, drink and sleep; depressing. I’m hoping to head back to Europe in June as well so between all the glutenous behaviour I’ve been poorly researching and planning. (Also aiming for NYC in December so I really need to stop buying so many coffees.)


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