Black and Blonde

Moulin Frock blackZara top, Ruby Sees All skirt, vintage bag

“Oh damn, she’s being monochromatic again.”

I know. My bad. But I feel it’s justified in this case: it’s okay to wear black, especially if you do so via different fabrics – chiffon, lace, leather and pony hair. C’mon …

Plus I’ve just summer-fied my hair, thanks to Amanda at Oscar Oscar in Paddington; she’s the only person I trust with colouring my hair anymore. (See here and here for why.) The last time I did my colour we were both preparing for separate European adventures and so this time ’round it was such a pleasure to catch-up.

This is blonder/lighter than I’ve ever gone. And I can say it’s pretty fun. Well, really it’s a little dry (nothing some Kerastase can’t fix), but I am enjoying this different hue. And wearing black. But I always enjoy wearing black.


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