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IMG_4315Suboo top, She’s Electric skirt, Boohoo heels and clutch, Topshop sunnies, Georgini bracelets

Dressing in monochrome is my favourite; I could live in shades of black and white all day, every day. But I admit it can get a little boring if you don’t mix up your silhouette.

As you know crops are my current love and this variation is of a scuba-like material, making me want to jump in the harbour for a little swim before work. A perfect companion for a day as hot as today! And you can’t own too many black skirts. I think my current count is around 20 – they just go so well with everything: tees, blouses, sweaters, crops …

It gets a little hard nowadays trying to figure out what to wear every day to work and uni. I want to mix things up, but also not look like I’m trying too hard. You can’t go past a cute black and white outfit! Simple, chic and understated. It’d be my uniform, no doubt about it. Pop on some bracelets (with the most adorable quotes etched in), swipe on some red lipstick and you’re all set!

I’d probably bring a jacket too, just in case. It may seem silly given the heat wave we’ve been experiencing, but I kid you not I was sitting at my desk today and utterly freezing! ‘The air-con is too strong’ – first world problem.


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