IMG_8821IMG_8766IMG_8799IMG_8891 IMG_8949Barcelona was right up there with Prague as one of my favourite cities. The gorgeous weather, delicious fresh fruit and lovely people made it the perfect final leg of my European adventure for 2013.

Having been deprived of fruits and vegetables throughout our trip, I squealed when we went to La Boqueria. You could buy a kilo of peaches for €1. ONE EURO! It was like that moment in The Simpsons when Homer skips through hills of chocolate and candy. Now replace that with fresh fruits, breads and seafood. Luscious heaven.

I’ve been studying Spanish for an entire six months now, so here was what I really felt like home. (When you compare it to Paris where I felt like the biggest irregular dingus out.) Managed to whip out a few more phrases besides ¡Hola! and ¿por que no los dos?, which, not to brag, is a little surprising and impressive. (Though a lot of the time I just nodded and repeated “si” continuously.)

The warm, yet relatively mild, weather equated to a relaxing day on the beach – albeit with some rough sand for a blanket. A few glasses of sangria, servings of tapas and a fantastic football game between Barça and Santos made for a very enjoyable stay in Barcelona. (Although our hostel room was probably the smallest of the whole trip.)

Would definite revisit Barcelona, even though I feel like I’ve seen most of it already. Zara’s bound to have replenished their stock and gotten in new items by then.



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