DSC_0348DSC_0344DSC_0357DSC_0377DSC_0379Countless stories, songs and productions have been made about the tragedy that is Pompeii: a rich city destroyed by ash and fire. That’s why it’s so astonishing to see what now remains.

Pompeii was so ahead of its time in terms of how they went about and did their business. Numerous shopfronts and evidence of plumbing illustrate their success. What I wish they had more of though was shelter. It was ridiculously hot the day we went (though not quite volcanic standards) and there was only ample shelter.

It was probably also not wise to climb Mount Vesuvius after having eaten two pizzas. But what glorious pizzas they were! Much better than the ones we had in Rome, that’s for sure. The climb was strenuous but the view: breathtaking.

It’s sad how such a thing of beauty can be capable of such destruction.



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