When in Rome

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I nerd-ed it real hard in Rome. A city with so much history and culture around every corner; how could you not? We literally stumbled upon ruins and, oh my, there is gelato on every single street corner. Luckily the hike up Mt. Vesuvius and the amount of sweat shed doing that (and making our way through Vatican City) canceled it out. (I hope so, anyway.)

Years of studying Ancient History and Latin in high school finally paid off when it came to Pompeii. Boy, those ancient folk sure knew a thing or two about plumbing and sexual graffiti. It’s crazy to see how society’s advanced so much since then (and at the same time how nothing’s really changed).

The weather. Wowza. Seeing as I’m now in fleece pyjamas, wearing a robe and sitting in a heated room (with a lovely hot water bottle between my sheets), Rome’s weather seems slightly more appealing, though when we were there I was this close to punching an 800 year-old building.



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