London culture

DSC_0052DSC_0013DSC_0042DSC_0069DSC_0064How much history this city has; how much culture.

I’ve always dreamt of visiting London, home to some of the greatest writers, artists and rulers to have ever lived.

During our stay here I managed to read two books: The White Queen and The Red Queen, both written by historian Philippa Gregory. They tell the story of the women behind England’s kings; wives, mothers, daughters, queens.

You can imagine my delight when we visited The Tower and Westminster Abbey – both iconic locations in English history. During the tour I couldn’t help but contain my excitement and dorky reactions when stumbling upon the tomb of Richard III or the room where the Princes in the Tower were thought to have been murdered.

No doubt one of the costlier cities in our trip, it’s such a mission to not drop every penny at the Topshop store on Oxford Street. Heck that whole street is a glamorous trap.



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