“I don’t even think of it as really print and online. It is very much one brand experience and I think the most important thing as an editor is to put online up there as important as print.” – Edwina McCann, Vogue Australia 

Media convergence is inevitable (especially when we look at the fashion industry). Live feeds, the ability to instantly shop the runway and don’t even get me started on the power of social media; the shift to the online realm is a must if brands are to survive in this day and age. As a fresh journalist (as in freshman, but I guess ‘street cool’ doesn’t go too far astray), I guess this was all I can think about:

What jobs are available my industry? What skills are required? What advantages do I have?

And so, for the past few months, this is what I’ve been working on.

Filming, editing, and producing this 15-minute short documentary has got to be one of the biggest achievements and most arduous things I’ve ever done. Consecutive days and nights spent at uni, staring at a computer screen for hours on end and eating what can only be described as a diet equivalent of that of a newborn hippo.

But in saying that, I had so much fun and am so happy with the final result. Would love to hear your thoughts and what you think of the video. Feel free to share, tweet (@Sophia_Phan) and yell profanities at it (just don’t reproduce it without permission because that’s uncool). Cool.


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