Staple the Label S/S 13-14

IMG_1648IMG_1650IMG_1643IMG_1608IMG_1638Staple the Label sure pulled out the big guns for its debut ‘Crystalline’ S/S 13-14 collection. Styled by none other than Michelle Jank and with a stellar lineup featuring Montana Cox, Nicole Pollard, Jemma Baines and Amanda Ware, I knew we were in for a treat. Though I am not the biggest fan of The Box, Staple’s production was impeccable.

Clear perspex sheets held by industrial chains hung from the rafters; spotlights were scattered around the dimly-lit room. The girls donned silver metallic wigs to create a futuristic/androgynous hybrid. The edited-down collection (with some looks already available for pre-order at Market HQ), was quite a spectacle as over 200 people tried to squeeze in to catch a glimpse of the minimalistic (and modernist). Drapes, metallics and monochromatic hues dominated and the future never looked quite so cool.



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