New Gen: Tristan Melle

IMG_1440IMG_1442IMG_1441IMG_1436IMG_1448Tristan Melle’s debut collection featured classic looks with a touch of embellishment and was definitely one of my favourites in the 45-minute-long New Generation show. It’s a refreshing collection after countless 90s’ minimalistic shows that we’ve seen throughout the week. The variety of fabrics, textures and prints used throughout were as exciting as my reaction when I saw that sequinned midi-skirt (gimme, gimme, gimme).

Self-described as a “unique high end fashion label for strong confident women who have an eye for luxury and individual style”, I’m not sure whether I’d attribute the high-end label to the brand just yet, but I can certainly see its potential. With its über swag (yes, I did just use ‘swag’) and effortlessness (loving the strappy brogues), Tristan Melle is definitely one to watch.


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