IMG_1203 IMG_1194 IMG_1196IMG_1201(All my photos – backstage at Blesse’d Are The Meek)

Thought I’d do something a little bit different and live-blog my day. (Oh, and currently in the process of editing a video – a process that is slowing down my Mac super bad that I can’t catch up on My Kitchen Rules.) It’s pretty much a compilation of candid shots, hilarious commentary and general raves, rants and rambles. Enter at your own risk.

07:16 – Oh gosh I do not want to be awake right now.

07:24 – My dad makes me a cup of hot green tea. Bless him, he can tell I’m already hating on the world. Now time to get dressed for a long, long day. Luckily I already picked out my outfit yesterday and now it’s only a matter of getting out of my warm pjs and into high heels.

(I’ll upload better photos later on, but here’s a quick snap for now.)

08:07 – Finally on the train and now I’m listening to some Justin Bieber music and going through some fancy homemade Spanish vocabulary flash cards. Tengo hambre y muy sueño.

08:50 Backstage at Bless’ed are the Meek. Spotted: Montana Cox and Samantha Harris in the makeup chair.


08:54 – Quick interview with Montana – video up soon. Her eyebrows are cray! Says her favourite show so far is Romance Was Born, but is excited for Bless’ed are the Meek!


08:57 – Sweet chat with James Molloy, the key artist behind today’s show. He is currently working on Valentina from Chic, the brand’s lookbook model. Today is all about the ‘Warrior Girl’. Video for this up soon too.



09:08 – Models are backstage at Bless’ed at the Meek getting ready for the run-through.


09:10 – A sneaky little look at who we can expect at the BATM show. The lineup looks sick as!


09:18 – Models chilling before the runway. Atmosphere is fun and everyone is pretty lively this fine morning. What have you done to them, Matt and Candice!


09:24 – Errybody’s getting their legs hairsprayed. NB – their legs aren’t hairy, it’s there to hold KT tape which GLOWS WHEN BLOODY FLASH IS ON!!!


09:34 – I only just realised the stage is right there … Next to backstage. Idiot. “It’s a bit of an odd set up,” says Amy, Mitch’s assistant. Glad to know I’m not that silly. Mitch is too busy to give me a quote. Sad face.


09:47 – Amanda Ware getting her hair did by Alter Ego Italy.

09:48 – She really likes to get her hair did.

10:07 – Mad Brown getting last minute touch-ups at BATM.

10:17 – Models posing up a storm and backstage is like a jungle a la Mean Girls, not Lion King.

10:19 – Sam Harris super keen to open the show.


10:31 – Half an hour after the show is scheduled to start, I’m finally seated. It feels like I’m inside some kind of sea amoeba. Glow in the dark spectacular!


10:52 – What a gorgeous show! Damn lack of wifi and dim lighting means no good photos during the show, but boy it was pumping. A strong collection for BATM by Maria Maung.

11:05 – Interview with Mindy Maung. Chat about the show, collection and inspirations behind them.


11:16 – Getting outfit photos for le blog taken by the gorgeous Em from Spin Dizzy Fall.

11:24 – Snapped for street style by Liz from Street Smith.


11:34 – In a cab on the way to uni. To study for my exam in three hours. So fashion. So screwed. The cabs are very quick at Carriageworks! At uni in under 10 minutes. Good ole UTS.

11:56 – Back in the Media Labs in Bon Marche (my unofficial home). The heels are off, the headphones are off, and trying to juggle video editing and learning Spanish colours. At least Em is working hard.


12:46 – Off to the pub with the uni gang for Ryan’s birthday. $10 meals come at me! Doubt I’m going to get anything done.

13:01 – And of course we get into a political discussion about the late Margaret Thatcher and feminism.

13:37 – Just got chicken parma all over my TOME skirt. Oops. Too hungry. So fashion.

14:19 – “We’re just waiting for a Gaytime.”

14:22 – Happy days.


17:30 – Reunited in the Media Centre with this babe: Tash of BWA.


18:19 – Back at the pub for dinner with Helen, Selena and Lucinda. Shakey’s!


19:19 – Aaaaand we’re on the way back to Carriageworks to see Emma Mulholland. Selena, Lucinda and my food babies. Looking forward to seeing Emma’s debut show.

19:34 – Nevermind. The show reached full capacity and they turned away everybody from GA. Wow. At least fifty people I’d say. That’s fashion for you. Guess it’s home time to edit this video and do a quick write-up before coming back tomorrow. That is, after I charge my phone. It’s managed to go from 12% to dead since waiting in line for a no show.


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