Han Solo




Black Milk bodysuit, Princess Polly sunglasses, Dion Lee blazer, Wittner heels, Bonds trackies, benah bag (via My Chameleon)

Yes. I wore trackies to Fashion Week. And Harrison Ford. (I asked him to be my date to Alice McCall, but unfortunately he declined. Bastard.)After running around and chasing after people in a leather dress yesterday, it was the a no-brainer. Comfortable and practical (though not when you have to go to the bathroom), it makes the day a little more bearable and slightly geekier (which is always a good thing). It’s been a quiet, but somewhat productive day with four completed posts, three cups of coffee (and one sneaky glass of cider at lunch). The calm before the storm before I freak out like a 4-year-old on Whizz Fizz what with my Spanish exam smack bang in the middle of the day between a plethora of shows. Thank god you can’t see the fear behind my sunglasses – which, at $25 a pop, I bought two of from the same store – because por que no los dos! Stay tuned for watson x watson …


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