Alice McCall S/S 13-14

alice mccall IMG_1044IMG_1020 IMG_1031 IMG_1051 IMG_1057My favourite looks from Alice McCall’s Cruise 13/14 collection (again, my pictures and if you want them just ask – because I will find you and I will kill you). Had to hyperlink that so you guys would know that it’s a joke. Now back to #fashun.

Titled ‘Les Galleries de Poison’, the collection centred around an oceanic theme complete with shell-work and baby blue lashes. Holy cow on a stick, man those lashes were so sick (kudos, M.A.C). It just worked so well with the understated slick back hair by GHD; what the Little Mermaid would look like if she had a sense of style and a hairdresser that wasn’t armed with a dinglehopper.

“Silhouettes subtly mimic elements of oceanic phenomenon – smokey plumes of silk dresses imitate bell shaped jellyfish, circle cut silk jumpsuits replicate sea urchins and sheer ruffles float like tendrils of sea grass.”

From blues to bones to seashell pinks, it’s a natural progression between looks. Though as we get closer to the end, the delicate silk and double Japanese organza has evolved to much tougher colours and silhouettes. The first picture is perhaps my favourite look. A badass combination of leather + pretty skirt (+ those damn lashes) = Sophia frothing like waves crashing by the seaside.



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