Manning Cartell S/S 13-14

IMG_0975IMG_0960IMG_0992IMG_0952Finally managed to drag myself away from work and uni to attend my first show of the week. I know, right? Gnarly. Who even cares about retail, watching a film with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman (review to come tomorrow after 6pm – hooray, embargos!) and doing a mock Spanish exam? Not I.

I’ve always been a fan of Manning Cartell. Did you know that it was the first piece of clothing by an Australian designer that I bought? Chyeah, #truestory. Located on-site at Carriageworks in The Shed, it was just superb. Aptly named so, guests were seated in what reminded me of the gay steel mill in The Simpsons (was just waiting for everybody to dance now). It was rustic and had birds pooping from the ceiling. What was presented to us was the complete opposite: tailored, minimalistic and oh so chic.

‘FATE & CHANCE’, Cheryl, Vanessa and Gabrielle Manning’s 2013/14 baby, is “a story of dramatic structure dreamt from contrasting romantic scenes”. From the delicate lace to the pretty nude and peach hues, the collection is both clean and delicate. As each look strutted down the runway by the likes of Ruby Jean Wilson, Rachel Rutt and Cassi Van Den Dungen, I found myself at odds with what to photograph for this post and what to Instagram/tweet and share with the world ASAP. And the shoes, oh the shoes! My did they look comfortable and super versatile and like they should belong in my wardrobe …

The slouchy and laid-back feel of some of the pieces and just its raw simplicity had me at ‘hello’. Crisp, immaculately tailored lines were embellished (well, minimistically), with sheer and layered netting to create a harsh juxtaposition that was just so Manning Cartell.

It’s my kind of label with all these dualities: love and hate, youth and age, dream and reality, fate & chance

P.S. In case I haven’t made it clear, these pictures are taken by me and are mine and if you want to use them, please ask/let me now. Gracias! 


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